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 Slavcho Georgiev

Web Developer

11 DECEMBER 2021

Natalie Boudou, Corporate Trainer, Coach, and specialist in resilient and agile cultures
PEPIT Consulting

Fatima Dhaif, Admissions Manager
Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)

Lena Koropey, BSL Alumni Association President
Business School Lausanne (Switzerland)

Teresa Pires, Associate Director
Queens University: Smith School of Business (Canada)

Jaquelynn Mateluna, Strategy Consultant, EY-Parthenon
Sally Sidahmed Recruitment Administration
McGill University: Desautels Faculty of Management (Canada)

Shri Ramakrishnan, Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment
Syracuse University: Whitman School of Management (USA)

Tanya Pawlowski, Senior Business Development Specialist
Nova Southeastern University (USA)

Jose A Soto, Director of Recruiting
Rice University: Jones Graduate School of Business (USA)

Dr Lisa Ordonez, PhD, Dean, Rady School of Management
University of California San Diego (USA)